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“If people don’t either love or hate your work, you just haven’t done all that much.”
- Tinker Hatfield

My name is Marvin, I am a visual designer who most of the time delivers works that people love-sometimes hate, and I appreciated both opinions equally. 

I’ve been offering creative branding services as a professional designer since 2018- when I was still a college student. At the time, I have no idea how to promote myself and my brand, so the sources of the project opportunities were mostly word-of-mouth.

Winter of 2020, as the class representative and ceremony speaker, I graduated from Minneapolis College of Art and Design in Minnesota with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in graphic design.

My design style is heavily inspired by Swiss modern design and Japanese minimalism. I love contemporary arts, for its objectivity, essential and heavy use of forms.

Currently, I work as the in-house Graphic Designer at Yasso, a $200MM frozen novalty company, as well as the Motion Designer at Levie Creatives located in Miami, FL.

Appreciate great campaign ideas, keep positive energy, with the limitless passions for design and the creative industry- I don’t just work, I enjoy when I’m working.

Thanks for spending time to read through and get to know me, but there are still so much more about my jounery as a designer, and I’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have via email. ︎︎︎